Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Community Management for Association Boards

KPM Management is a full service community management firm that provides exceptional service to single family and condominium associations. Our company offers experienced, professional management, accounting and consulting to foster community friendships, increase safety, reduce stress and boost property values.

Are you currently experiencing?

  • Slow or unreturned calls or e-mails from your community manager?
  • Board meeting that last hours and nothing is accomplished?
  • Poor Compliance and your neighborhood is suffering in appearance?
  • Action Items assigned to your manager never seen to get accomplished?
  • Your association financials don’t seem to “add up”?

Let us help! 

We want to know...

 ...have you ever sat through a long HOA Board meeting and thought to yourself after it was over, “Did we accomplish anything in there?

...have you ever listened to your community manager make excuses why things aren’t getting done in your community . . .?

...have you ever had a hard time just reaching your association manager to ask a simple question about your HOA?

...have you ever wondered why you almost never have community events in your neighborhood that would bring the members of the HOA closer together?

...have you ever been told by your neighbors that the HOA ‘doesn’t do anything around here for them?’

...have you ever been frustrated by the lack of response from your community management company when you contact them with a simple request?

...have you ever felt unprepared as an HOA Board Member to make decisions on critical issues that your association is facing like delinquent homeowner payments, foreclosures, or rentals?

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